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Unicorn-san's Journal

A Long Day's Journey Into The Night, It's All Tears (Drown In This Love)

4 May
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I am an artist of traditional media, sewing crafts, and graphic design. Yes, I even get paid for creating advertisements at my local newspaper. I shall make art/graphics if asked nicely for free here. I am Irish-Scot/American, reader, fic writer with the pen name of Kreuz Swords (See website URL), web site layouts, traveler, outcast, and friendly person to chat to =^.^= I really adore H.I.M., a Finnish rock band and The Birthday Massacre. Yes, I am a big fan of unicorns, vampires, Hellsing, and Yuki Kaori. I am wee bit addicted to anime/manga, I might be mistaken for Goth, but artist and Irish clothes were mostly black way before the 1980s. I have been mistaken for the wrong gender and age. I can geek out with the best on fantasy, sci-fi, folklore, and mythology. Open to being a pen pal as well.

The main saying here:
Be wise as thou art cruel; do not press
My tongue-tied patience with too much disdain;
Least sorrow lend my words, and words express...


This blog is mostly public and mostly acts like a mass e-mail to friends with a little personal touch. So, if you see it, you can read it. But, adders need to read this to see more:

Meaning you have to ask if you want to be on my Endless Dark group list. Normal friend adding does not let you in to see hidden entries, so ask in a post to be Endless Dark listed.

Keeper of Dr. Jezebel's Diary => cain_roleplay
My creative icon hide out => GJ kreuz_swords
My fic draft journal => kreuz_swords
My junk that I call art => Deviantart unicorn-san
My Dead life? => DJ faded_shadows
Another place for my art => SA unicorn san

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Louis is Melancholy Love

By sexylittlefeet2

Places I have been to, seen, or lived in:
Illinois, USA (The state I was born in)/ Liberia, Africa/ North Carolina, USA/ New Jersey, USA/ California, USA (Where I live now)/ New York City, USA/ Washington DC, USA/ Italy/ Greece/ England/ Amsterdam/ Turkey/ Frankfurt, Germany

Dream (Sandman inspired) side pic:
Version 1 Was Dream from sand man with the same quote.
Version 2 Ville from HIM of RR album (passes as Dream)
Version 3 Ville again of a live shoot(Yes, I know I flipped the image...)
Version 4 Trinity Blood character that passed for Dream with heartagram
Version 5 Gankutsuou charaters that one reminded of Dream w/ heartagram
Started this blog trend on 2002-09-19 14:42:16
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